Private label sports nutrition supplements supplier

Trying to find the top quality private label nutritional supplements supplier? The benefit that I appreciate the most is the ability to create highly customizable formulations. In your practice, you may have a very specific focus on one condition and probably have to use several different products to achieve the combination of nutrients that you would like to provide your patients. With private labeling comes the ability to have the products tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to put the specific nutrient mix that you desire into fewer products and to customize the delivery form you prefer. This creates a more simplified plan for your patients to follow.

If you’re an experienced merchant looking to launch an exclusive supplement formulation to any marketplace, Private Label Express is uniquely prepared and qualified to help you take your brand to the next level with the benefit of our extensive experience with market-proven nutritional supplements.

In-house nutraceutical tablet: Since our manufacturing process is streamlined & in-house, our tablets have an average of 4-week delivery time. We manufacture our supplements using only the best premium press & coating machines, which have tooling options that allow us to create custom tablets that display high quality production. Our machinery is the most advanced in the industry, guaranteeing the use of high-end technology when it comes to producing your tablets. Find additional info at Private Label Products.

Private label, or custom, formulations will require a higher minimum order quantity and a longer reorder turnaround time than a white label formulation, so proper planning and a certain experience level is recommended before taking this route. It will be crucial to your product’s continued success to make sure you partner with a manufacturer that you trust. One that is responsive to your communications, and can consistently deliver on time. Formulations can be difficult, and even with the right idea in mind, you could find yourself with supplements that have conflicting ingredients or lacking certain key raw materials that can compromise the supplement’s effectiveness. The right manufacturing company will not only assist you in producing these formulations, but they’ll also help guide you in the direction that allows your formulation to reach its full potential.

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